Silicon Valley Shredder 2.0. The first 3 Part that is also a 4 Part

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The Official Silicon Valley Shredder 2.0 is here!!!

Our shredder is a 3 part with no threading. Each layer is held by rare neodymium earth magnets. The grinding layer has an advance engineered bumper and multi sized tooth/hole pattern that grinds perfectly down to the 3rd locking radius catch bowl. The 4th part of this grinder consists of a removable drop in stainless steel mesh catch bowl that holds the grinds from the first and second layer and sifts the keef into the 3rds catch bowl.

The shredder has double knurling for anyone’s grip and designed to be comfortable in any sized hand. It's also weighted perfectly proportionate to the magnets strengths for ease of use, yet strong enough to not come apart until necessary.  

Silicon Valley was built around creativity, innovation, technology, and that is how we invented this shredder.  

Please visit us on Instagram @TheSiliconValleyShredder or email us on here and I will personally take care of you for wholesale or retail sales. 

Custom Private Label Engraving is also available with a minimum order quantity and project quote. Please email us at for Custom ordering.