About Us

The Silicon Valley Shredder - Only Deals on the Best Smokin' Lifestyle

The Silicon Valley Shredder is a marketplace with the latest and greatest smoking products and collaborations at very competitive prices. We're talking high quality brand name merchandise at very fair prices. Exclusive deals only available to our members, but limited time, limited quantities: this is what TSVS is all about.

The Silicon Valley was built upon Creativity, Innovation, and Technology, so we took those elements and more and created an amazing shredder for anyone.

You want great product at great prices? Then sign up for TheSiliconValleyShredder.com deals today. TSVS is the first private sale marketplace focused on top quality gear - the stuff you want and need!

So what kind of stuff do you actually carry?

We've got a bit of everything and will always have something new and exciting to peak your interest, grow your collection, and smoke.  We work with many makers and brands to bring you exclusive and quality products made mainly in the USA.  You can expect the best in glass, fire, shred, store, roll, and carry.  

If you want to see something specific, email us and let us know.  We will carry what you want. Quality control is major for us, so we will carry anything, but only in high quality. And we do want to hear from you, so let us know what you want.

 If you love gear, we've got what you need. Sign up and see for yourself!

How do I join TSVS? How do I start shopping?

To be brief: sign up or be invited. In the past couple months, TSVS has expanded its product offerings in both variety and quantity, and we're now allowing many more members to join each day. Almost everyone who signs up will get in instantly. Get invited by a friend and you'll be able to start shopping right away as well. 

Why should I join TSVS?

We've got the gear you want and need. We carry quality merchandise and we're committed to offering more and more all the time. We don't skimp on the customer service - ever.  You've got nothing to lose and much to add!